Sidewinder: Standard Definition


The Revolutionary Sidewinder Pan / Tilt / Zoom Camera features 360° continuous unlimited pan and tilt camera rotation with 0.05° preset repeatability accuracy!

In addition, the camera technology utilized in the Sidewinder employs a newly developed 36X optical zoom lens with 540 lines of resolution and electronic image stabilization. The Sidewinder also features day/night DSP camera technology that delivers vivid color images during daylight and high sensitivity monochrome images during nighttime.


Features Include:

  • 0.05° preset repeatability accuracy.
  • Continuous 360° rotation in both axes.
  • 36X optical zoom lens with electronic image stabilization.
  • Hydrophilic (TiO2) "self cleaning" glass window.
  • Day/night DSP camera technology.
  • Optional camera enclosure pressurization.
  • Hybrild H.264/ Analog available
  • Electronic Image  Stabilization
  • ENG Option: Locks pan/tilt motion during vehicle travel.

Dry as a Bone - How does the Sidewinder Series of cameras get their IP-67 rating? Find out HERE

Spec Sheets

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