Important J-5 Information (F.A.Q.s)


Q: How high on the traffic pole do I install a J-5?
A: Optimum J-5 sensor mounting height is between 10 and 16.5 feet.

Q: How does the J-5 see?
A: The J-5 utilizes a two camera stereo-vision system to enable it to see in 3D.

Q: Is the J-5 TS2 certified?
A: Yes. The J-5 conforms to NEMA standard TS2 for traffic control systems.

Q: Will the J-5 work with the traffic controller currently installed at a site?
A: The dry contact outputs on the J-5 are compatible with all TS2 type 2 outputs.

Q: Will the J-5 detect cars as well as pedestrians that enter the crosswalk?
A: The J-5 detects all objects that enter the crosswalk that have some height above the ground. It ignores shadows but detects pedestrians, bikes, strollers, cars or anything else of that nature.

Q: How does the J-5 know which direction a person wishes to cross?
A: The J-5 can filter objects moving the wrong direction (i.e. people coming out of the crosswalk and continuing down the street). It can also be set to require a minimum pedestrian curb wait time before placing the call to the traffic cabinet. The J-5 detects objects moving the correct direction to cross the street or those who have stopped in the pre-defined zone.

Q: People are used to pushing buttons. How does a pedestrian know that the J-5 has detected them?
A: Currently, the only feedback the J-5 provides is the four status LEDs located on the bottom of its housing; a pedestrian will generally not notice them. If noticeable feedback for pedestrians is desired, an external feedback device can easily be connected to one of the J-5's contact closure outputs.

Q: If I wanted to use the J-5 in conjunction with standard ped buttons, will the J-5 tap into the existing ped circuit?
A: The J-5 relay can be wired in place of or in parallel to a standard push button.


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